Registration is OPEN until March 8. If after March 8, please email your information to  We might still have room, so please inquire.


There are no "try-outs." Players register and coaches "draft" teams late February based on previous teams / coaches, requests, and the desire to keep the numbers on each team as even as possible. We will do our best to accommodate requests (these typically involve car pools, etc). Players usually stay with their team / coach each season unless requested otherwise. Players and parents can expect to be contacted by their coach prior to the season, in late-Feb or early-March.

Insurance:  USA Softball Insurance is purchased for EVERY player as part of the registration fee.  Insurance is provided for 1 year, from the date of purchase. 

Equipment needed (uniforms are provided and the girls keep them):

T-Ball: 1) fielding glove 2) batting helmet with face-mask attached 3) bat 4) plastic softball cleats not needed - tennis shoes are fine

All other divisions: 1) fielding glove 2) fielding face-mask 3) batting helmet with face-mask attached 4) bat 5) plastic softball cleats OR tennis shoes (probably plastic cleats for the older divisions would be best)


Practices usually start after March 8, and will typically be twice a week, Mon - Thurs. The specific day(s), times and location will depend on the coach, but they are usually 1-2 hours (depending on the age group), and start after anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30.



Opening Day is Friday night, April 16, at Rt 18 Park in Centreville. A schedule will be provided as that date approaches. After opening day, games will take place 1-2 times per week through the week of June 11.  

T-Ball: games will be at various sites in Centreville

Rookie, Minor, Major, Senior Divisions: games will be played vs other teams from QA Softball, on Kent Island, and in Kent County. Games will be played at Rt. 18 Park, Round Top Park, Worton Park, Matapeake Middle School, and Love Point Park.


For Minor, Major, and Senior Division teams, the score and records will be kept. There will be a "Regular Season League Champion" and a seeded, single-elimination play-off to determine a "Play-off League Champion." These games should take place during the weeks of June 2 - June 13.

Umpires (please see DIVISIONS tab):

T-Ball & Rookie:  Coaches act as umpires.

Minor, Major, and Senior: Although every effort is made to have an umpire at these levels, at times, this is not possible. Coaches or volunteers will sometimes have to act as umpires to either start a game until the umpire arrives, or for the entire game.


T-Ball & Rookie: Games may or may not be made up, depending on field availability.

Minor, Major, and Senior: Since these games typically involve umpires and play-off seeding, we try to make these games up soon after the original game date, depending on field availability.

Questions?  Contact directly.

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